Friday, April 15, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

My all-time favorite place to eat is Tucanos. Their filet mignon wrapped in bacon makes me giddy... no joke. We can't afford to eat there very often, so I decided to try wrapping pork chops in bacon and see how they turned out. They tasted great! Pork can often become dry, but the bacon really helps it stay flavorful and moist. Pork chops are fairly cheap, but I also want to try this with other meats as they go on sale. This is also a very fast dinner. I can grill it up after a long day of work and have it ready within 10 minutes (which is about all the time I have patience for at that point).

pork chops (boneless) -- I used thin cuts
strips of bacon (1-2 for each pork chop)
Wrap the bacon around the pork chop. If they are thinner you can use 1 slice, but nice big thick chops might take 2 to cover. 
Grill (I just used my little George Foreman). They will be done when your bacon is done! 
Fast, easy, and tasty!!

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